Section 8 – HCV

2014 Utility Allowances have been released.

Click here to view the Sarasota and Manatee allowances.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development has released the new Fair Market Rents (FMR’s) for Sarasota County. Effective January 2015, the following payment standards will be utilized for all clients at their first annual recertification after January 1st.  For clients that are moving from one unit to another prior to January 1st, the new payment standards will be effective at their move. Payment Standards are the total rent plus the utility allowance for each unit.

Head of Household

0 BR = $675

1 BR = $825

2 BR = $1056

3 BR = $1414

4 BR = $1511

5 BR = $1738


Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Sarasota Housing Authority (SHA) is pleased to offer very-low income families in Sarasota a choice in where they live through the assistance of a Housing Choice Voucher. On October 1, 2010, SHA merged with Sarasota County’s voucher program. The combined voucher offices are now located at 40 S. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, FL 34236.

Attention All Owners and Voucher Holders:

Beginning with all clients whose annual recertifications are effective in January 2014, the owner and the client will now be required to sign and submit new leases as part of their annual recertification process. Owners will also be required to sign a new HAP contract at this time.  Owners will receive notices beginning in September or October for those clients that will be effective in January!

SHA Policies & Procedures

Please click here to view SHA’s new 2014 Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan.

Housing Choice Voucher Program Staff

VP of Housing, Paula Scruggs, (941) 361-6210, ext. 229

Housing Choice Voucher Manager, Kami Headings, (941) 361-6210, ext. 230

Housing Specialist, Andrea Brown, (941) 361-6210, ext. 227

Housing Specialist, Mike Mosley, (941) 361-6210, ext. 226

Housing Specialist, Gail Vestrand, (941) 361-6210, ext. 239

Inspector Liaison/Intake Specialist, Yani Rosado, (941) 361-6210, ext. 262

Inspector, Todd Bellamy, (941) 361-6210, ext. 262

Receptionist, Brian Croke, (941) 361-6210, ext. 232

Information for Applicants

If you are an applicant and wish to check your status on a waiting list, you may go to and log in to see your current status. Our agency will no longer accept phone calls regarding your application status.

Information for Voucher Holders

In an effort to provide information in a more efficient manner, we are putting many of our documents and procedures online.   Any suggestions regarding information that you are seeking and cannot find on our website is greatly appreciated.  The more questions we can answer here, the better service our clients will receive!

Q & A – If you are a current voucher holder and you have a question about your assistance, please click here to see a list of commonly asked questions.  You may find your answer here.

MOVES WITHIN SARASOTA – If you are interested in moving, please click here to see more information regarding moves with continued assistance.

If you have received any notice from the Housing Authorty and you do not agree with a decision made regarding your assistance, you have a right to file a grievance.  Please click here to review our current grievance procedure.

Information for Clients Porting In

PORTABILITY - If you are a voucher holder from another agency and you are interested in moving to Sarasota, please click the form below for more information regarding how to “port” your voucher to our agency.

Port-In Procedures

Information for Current and/or Prospective Landlords

Q & A – If you are interested in becoming a landlord with the Housing Choice Voucher Program or you are a current landlord and you have questions, please click here to see if your answer is listed.  We have included a wealth of information to assist you in a more efficient manner.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS – If you are a current landlord and you need to change the address that we have on file for you, please complete this form and fax this form to (941) 366-4661 or mail it to 269 S Osprey Ave, Suite #100, Sarasota FL 34236.

CHANGE BANK – If you are a current landlord and you need to change your bank account information that we have on file, please complete a new direct deposit form here.  You may fax this form to (941) 366-4661 or mail to 269 S Osprey Ave, Suite #100, Sarasota FL  34236.

LEASE - If you do not have your own lease or would just like to use our HUD model lease, you may access it below.  It is very simple and mirrors the information provided to you in the HAP contract and the Tenancy Addendum.  You may use this for any of your Housing Choice Voucher clients.

Model Lease

INSPECTIONS – If you are an owner and you are interested in learning more about what our inspector is looking at during a Housing Quality Standards inspection, you can click here for a copy of our detailed inspection form.

PAYMENTS – If you are a landlord with the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you will now go to to see your monthly HAP payments. A letter was mailed to all owners at the beginning of October 2010 that contained instructions on how to log in. If you did not receive a letter, please call our office for assistance in logging into the website.

NEW OWNER OF A PROPERTY – If you have recently purchased a property from one of our landlords and you are going to continue renting to the current voucher holder that is residing in the unit, then we are going to need information from you!  Please click here to complete the Change of Owner Packet.  Please send all of the completed forms to us along with the settlement statement showing that you purchased the property and a voided check.  Once we receive all of these items, we will process the change of owner to begin the first of the following month.  Please be advised that we do not make any retroactive changes unless the old owner contacted us and asked us to place their payments on hold due to the pending sale.  In this case, we will be able to make the change effective retroactively to the first month in which we held the payment.

OWNER SOLD SECTION 8 PROPERTY – If you have recently sold a Section 8 property and you would like to let us know, you can click here to complete a short form.  The form will just let us know that we should be on the look out for information from a new owner and will also let us know how you wish for us to handle your future payments.

In order to list and rent your property through our program, there cannot be a discrepancy in the owner of record and the information that you provide.  Before listing your property, please verify that your property has the correct information.  You may do so by visiting:

RENT INCREASES - If you would like to request a rent increase for a property, you must do so 60-90 days before your tenant’s annual re-certification.  Please complete the form below to request a rent increase:


Helpful Resource Links

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