About Us

Sarasota Housing Authority (SHA) is committed to providing quality affordable housing to enhance the lives of our residents and promote their independence. Our professional team members provide housing assistance to over 2,000 low-income families in Sarasota. In addition to affordable housing, SHA endeavors to help our families access appropriate services to improve their lives and are an award-winning industry leader in early childhood education.

Historical Highlights

  • SHA was formed in 1938, and was only the eighth housing authority formed in FL.
  • In 2005, SHA was placed into federal receivership, after HUD found that SHA was troubled in several aspects, including financial, physical condition, and management.
  • In 2008, SHA was turned back over to local governance/locally-appointed board, marking one of the fastest and most successful HUD receiverships in history.
  • In 2009, Janie’s Garden Phase I was completed, providing 86 new apartments where Janie Poe once stood, and marked Sarasota’s first mixed-income rental development.
  • In 2010, Sarasota County turned its 500+ voucher program over to SHA.
  • In 2011, SHA completed construction of Janie’s Garden Phase II, adding another 68 mixed-income apartments, as well as 10,500 square feet of ground floor retail along Dr. MLK Jr. Way.
  • In 2012, SHA’s 501c3 affiliate, the Sarasota Housing Funding Corp (SHFC), completed it’s first multifamily acquisition/rehab of a 15-unit complex at 251 N. Tuttle Avenue, which houses extremely low, very low and low income families.
  • In early 2013, SHFC also opened a brand new 28-unit brownstone style townhome development on Dr. MLK Jr Way at Maple, which also houses extremely low, very low and low income families.
  • SHFC now owns 15 single family homes throughout Sarasota which are all leased to very low income families.
  • In 2013, SHA won the Best Agency in Florida as voted on by its peers from the Florida Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials.
  • Today, SHA and SHFC provide housing to over 2,000 families and are constantly working to develop more affordable housing in Sarasota.
  • SHA is also a HUD High Performer in every category, for several years running, for the first time ever.